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A tiling contractor is the ideal partner when you’re building or improving rooms in your home. They can tile any room of your home in a tile that complements the overall look of the room. Tiling contractors can also assist with activities such as grouting and underfloor heating. Our listed Tiling contractors are vetted before being listed and we remove or blacklist those Tilers that work our side the laws of this country.


Popular Tiling Services Include:

Kitchen tiles

South Africans value family and kitchens are invariably used for family dinners & discussions. Tiling contractors can turn a kitchen into a more comfortable and inviting room by tiling it with bright coloured tiles.

Bathroom renovations

The bright sunlight in South Africa can be used to make dark rooms—such as bathrooms with small windows—lighter. This is done by laying white or other light-reflecting tiles. The reflecting light also makes small spaces seem bigger.

Showers and wet rooms

A new trend in South Africa is to create a whole wet room instead of a bathroom with a separate shower. Tiling contractors ensure that home owners don’t slip inside their showers or wet rooms by laying non-slip tiles. Smooth tiles are excellent for walls and can be easily cleaned.

Grouting and cleaning tiles

Due to humid air—brought on by wet and warm climates in South Africa—tiles accumulate grime over time. Tiling contractors are experts at cleaning tiles or re-grouting them if necessary.

Underfloor heating

South African winters can become freezing. The best way to counter the cold inside a home is through underfloor heating. Expert tiling contractors can install this feature and lay tiles over it afterwards.


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5 Tips When Tiling

Provided services

1. How modern is the style you picked?

The tiling inside a building adds aesthetic value. When you aim to sell the building in a few years, will the style you picked still be acceptable to future buyers? It’s difficult to keep up with changing fashions, but you can pick a tile and look that is timeless.

2. Has the space been well prepared?

Tiling requires the surface to be completely dry before any work starts. Keep an eye on the tiling contractors. Make sure they follow all the necessary steps so your tiles don’t lift off the floor within days of being laid.

3. View the tiles at home before buying

Tiles will have a certain effect in a specific space. The amount of light and the reflection of other surfaces may change how a certain tile looks. Ask for samples to view inside your home so you can make an informed decision.

4. Imagine the end result

There’s a reason that software developers create programs for interior design. It enables designers and home owners to see a finished room with all the colours & textures incorporated. What looks exceptional in your mind’s eye, may not work in reality. Don’t simply pick colours and at random. Imagine how it will match with everything else in the room. Asking professional advice from your tiler or a decorator is a smart idea.

5. Draw a picture for the tiling contractors

Misunderstandings result in frustration. If your contractors don’t carry out instructions and tile your rooms exactly as you imagined the final product, you’ll be left with an expensive mistake. Avoid some misunderstandings by drawing pictures instead of only giving verbal instructions. This serves as an accurate reference for tilers to use if you’re not there to keep an eye.

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  3. Wall Tiling
  4. Cladding
  5. Mosaic
  6.  Paving


Tile contractors install ceramic, porcelain, marble and other kinds of tiles in a wide variety of buildings for commercial contractors and individual customers. The work of a tile contractor is physically demanding and may require an irregular schedule.


Once the tiles have been set, tile contractors apply grout between them and wipe away the excess grout with damp sponges. They apply a pre-seal to unglazed tiles prior to grouting. After the grout sets, tile contractors sometimes apply a final sealing agent. Other job duties for tile contractors may include reading blueprints, polishing and finishing tiles, mixing adhesives and creating decorative mosaics.

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